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    INDIUM CORPORATION - Manufactures Interconnect Materials used primarily in the Electronics Assembly Industry.

    ITW EAE - Providing customized training and consulting services to manufacturers of electronics.
    CAMALOT: Automated Electronic Assembly Dispensers.
    ELECTROVERT: Cleaning Systems, Reflow/Curing Ovens and Wave Solder Machines.
    MPM: Advanced Electronic Assembly Printers.
    VITRONICS SOLTEC: Reflow/Curing Ovens, Wave Solder and Selective Soldering Machines.

    KYZEN CORPORATION - World Leading Provider of Environmentally Responsible Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous Precision Cleaning Products and Services for Electronics and many Manufacturing Operations.

    LISTA INTERNATIONAL / ARLINK - Workspace Solutions and Storage Products: Storage Cabinets, Storage Wall® Systems, Mobile Cabinets and Mezzanines; Workstations: Adjustable Height, Packing and Shipping and Assembly.

    MAGNALYTIX - Magnalytix is at the forefront of an ongoing revolution for electronics’ cleanliness reliability testing.

    NCAB GROUP USA Inc. - Single-Source Supplier of All Types of Printed Circuit Boards from Design, Prototype, and Full Production Runs, both Off-Shore and Domestic Capabilities, with Complete Supply Chain Management Capabilities.

    NORDSTROM DAGE - The NEW Quadra™ Series X-ray Systems have been designed with the end-user in mind with unbeatable image quality in the shortest possible time.

    NORDSTROM MATRIX - High-speed Automated Inline X-ray Inspection systems (AXI) and Standalone Semi-Automated X-ray Inspection Systems including High Resolution AXI with CT.

    NORDSTROM YESTECH - Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems including Conformal Coat UV Inspection.

    RESYS, INC. - Closed-loop Water Treatment Systems.

    UNIVERSAL INSTRUMENTS - Complete Electronics Assembly Solutions Provider.
    UI Surface Mount Assemblers –Fuzion Series, AdvantisV Series, and Fuzion Odd Form Assembly
    UI Advanced Semiconductor Assemblers – FuzionSC Platform Solutions.
    UI Automation Assemblers – Uflex Assembly Cells including Flexbond Hot Bar Soldering System.
    UI Material Handling – Conveyors and other Material Handling Solutions.
    UI Through-Hole – Axial, Radial and Jumper Wire Machines.
    UI Broome Engineering – Remanufactured Machines that are completely remanufactured just like a new machine (you also get the security of a full one-year warranty covering non-wearable parts and labor).
    UI Advanced Process Lab Services – APL has earned global respect as a valuable knowledge resource, helping manufacturers worldwide to improve yield, optimize product reliability, accelerated time-to-market, and complete lifecycle testing capabilities.
    UI Advanced Process Lab Failure Analysis – Providing services with precision analytical tools and the knowledge of Topic Experts whose collective expertise covers every packaging and assembly technology.
    UI Advanced Process Lab AREA Consortium – Partnering with the industry's foremost technology leaders focusing research with the goal of generating applicable knowledge for specific product development and manufacturing processes.

    HOVER-DAVIS - The Feeder Company with over two decades of component delivery technology, engineering and manufacturing experience. Hover-Davis provides ultra-reliable and serviceable component, label and semiconductor feeder solutions for custom automation and most major SMT platforms, including Universal Instruments®, Fuji®, Panasonic®, SIPLACE®, JUKI®, MYDATA®, YAMAHA®, Samsung™, Europlacer and Assembleon®.